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What’s your Entry Door telling the Neighbors?.


Replacing Doors:

Entry way Doors, Interior doors and other exterior doors may need attention while we are there with your roof project.  The entry way into your home should make a statement, it’s the first impression your home makes.

First you have to determine  the statement, what impression would you like to make?, think about what you like because it’s the impression you will get every day.

Yes we all like to impress the neighbors but, what your home says to you is critical, what message do you get?  Sometimes doors and windows are just about maintenance, water damage age etc.  If you are in the maintenance area of your doors/windows, now is a good time to make a statement.

The entry door is always considered first, it’s the primary statement and the one that contributes the most to the curb appeal of your home.  This is the area that should be considered first when conveying your message.

Yes Top Job Roofing is a roofing company, but at our core we are a construction company (Leesville Construction) that provides many options in the “Hey While You’re Here” genre of multi tasking home builders.  Our primary goal is to help you target what you need, then move on to what you want and last but not least, what do you want your home to say.

So yes, when you realize your doors are due for attention, lets take time to stop and think about what that means.  The conversation begins and we nail down a direction and budget.

Believe it or not, Consumer Reports actually has some interesting things to say about buying entry doors.

Yes Top Job Roofing and Leesville construction is an experienced installer of entry doors, after a conversation to determine your needs, let move forward to accomplish your goals and make that statement.

The Conversation Begins the Process

Window replace and window repair picture entery door